Hello, there!  My name is Ella and on this blog I write about my obsession with books, and writing, and other nerdy stuff.

I'm 19, Indiana is my home, I'm a English student living and mowing our yard in the country dreaming about a God who dreams bigger than me, listening to the song He sings over me.  Besides writing and reading, I also love photography, making big messes in the kitchen, and playing my guitar like there's no tomorrow.  Oh, and I have a strange obsession with mowing #homeschoolerconfessions.  And there is always music in the background.  Always.  My ideal afternoon in the summer would be either getting a tan (joke: burnt) at the lake with a book or mowing the yard while listening to a new podcast from Tim Keller.  Ideal afternoon in the winter would be either skiing or reading a book with coffee.  And by with coffee I mean while drinking coffee.

A few of my favorite things...

favorite drink: blackest coffee
favorite food: anything sushi
favorite music artist: Audrey Assad (+ All Sons & Daughters)
favorite author: C.S Lewis
favorite color: blue
favorite season: winter
favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
favorite book: Little Women
favorite song (currently): I Surrender by All Sons & Daughters