Five Things - no. 5

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, and now that my semester (and sophomore year, how?) officially finished YESTERDAY I am back in the blogging business.  The transition from a semester of full-time school to summertime is always a sort of weird one for me – I actually love being in school – but I have an exciting few months ahead and a massive stack of books I want to read, so hopefully it won't be too bad this time around.  Speaking of the next couple months, I am going to Reynosa, Mexico in June to intern with a ministry called Isaiah 55 for two months.  I'll be helping with ongoing projects, working alongside some of the missionaries who serve there, and coordinating work teams from the states.  I am very excited and a little scared, and I cannot wait to speak Spanish with people who won't yell at me for doing so (looking at you, family).  Anyway, today I want to share five things I've been enjoying lately.

1.) I know that everyone and their mother has probably heard of and grown tired of hearing about the TV show The Crown, featuring Claire Foy as the indomitable Queen Elizabeth, but I just freaking love it so much.  I have been taking the second season realllll slow, but I'm planning to watch/cry through the last two episodes very soon.  Elizabeth is my new role model, it's official.  Also, not only is the character development top notch and the gender dynamics are thought-provoking and the aesthetic is amazing, but the show is heavy on the history and I love it for that.  One last thing: can I just say how much I hate that Foy was paid less than Matt Smith?  Ugh.

2.) I love podcasts, as has been previously documented, and recently, I have been loving a couple new-to-me podcasts.  NPR's podcast, Up First, is a daily podcast that comes out early in the morning, and the episodes provide an easy-to-listen-to, short, non-overwhelming recap of the news.  I like NPR a lot, and listening to Up First makes me feel better informed about what's going on (and is a lot less aggressive than other sources – looking at you, Twitter).  The show's hosts are great, too. The second podcast I love is called The Indicator by Planet Money, and it is a daily podcast that offers super short stories about the economy.  Thanks to my INTJ-ness, I am constantly aware of the things I don't know much about, like the economy, and listening to that show is an easy way to convince myself I am learning about it.  Even if you're not interested in understanding the economy better, though, most of the episodes are interesting in their own right.

3.) A few weeks ago, my favorite professor, whose literary interpretation class I took last year (and adored), lent me a book after I asked if he had read it, and I've decided that is one of my favorite things in the world now.  Books are the best, and readers are the best people.  The book he lent me is called The Portrait of a Novel by Michael Gorra, and it is essentially a book all about The Portrait of a Lady, which was one of the books he assigned in the class, and ended up being one of my favorite books I read last year.  I am not very far in yet, but so far it's great.  Also, college professors are the best, man.  If you happen to love The Portrait of a Lady, you will definitely want to read Gorra's book.  Find it here.

4.) Audrey Assad released a new record a couple months ago, and being the massive fan that I am, I have been listening and loving it ever since.  She is one of those artists whose music I could listen to a million times and never get tired of it.  Her new album, called "Evergreen" is born out of a season of doubt and rediscovery and it is so good.  My favorite song is probably "The Joy of the Lord," but I also really love "Irrational Season."  Girl can sing and write amazing songs.  Listen here.

5.) Last but not least, I read a collection of poetry for Lent this year; one of the poems has stuck with me ever since I read it and I want to share it here.  It is called "And that will be heaven," by Evangeline Paterson:
and that will be heaven
 and that will be heaven
at last    the first unclouded
     to stand like the sunflower
turned full face to the sun    drenched
with light     in the still centre
held     while the circling planets
hum with an utter joy
             seeing and knowing
at last     in every particle
seen and known     and not turning
      never turning away

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