My 2017 Goals

I'm interrupting my annual re-read of The Lord of the Rings to talk about my goals for 2017, in the last week before my second semester of school begins.  Setting these goals always makes me excited and expectant and I'm excited to talk about them all today.

The last couple years I've set yearly goals; they're less like resolutions and more often than not, they become the theme of the next twelve months of my life.  Often these goals become part of my life in a permanent way, and rather than becoming something to tick off every month, they subconsciously work their way into my everyday life.

For as long as I've set yearly goals, my primary goal has been to be brave.  That goal has manifested itself differently each year, and as I continue to practice it, I hope it will become sort of the soundtrack to my life.  This year, in the same way, the goals I have set all mirror that theme – to be brave – just not in so many words.  First, though, the practical ones.

  • Intentionally read: carve out time to read, make it a priority, and always. have. a. book.
  • Budget intentionally: have a purpose, have a plan, and stick to it.
  • Become consistent in daily prayer.
  • Wake up at a time that allows for maximum productivity and minimum stress.
  • Continue to say 'yes' to God, to accept 'no' and be brave – in the small stuff, too.
  • Stay in wonder.
  • Practice carpe Deum (seize God).
The crowning goal this year is that final one – Carpe Deum.  I read about this idea in a book last year (Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber) and it has stuck with me since.  I want to seize God in the small stuff, I want to hear his still small voice and follow wherever He leads.

And those are my 2017 goals.  Some good practical goals for less stress and more focus, and some big, brave ones that I hope will flavor everything I do this year.  When I reach this point next year, I hope I'll still be attune to the song of bravery and grace and wonder that He sings over me.

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