Five Things - No. 2

Oof.  Thank goodness it's Friday, no?  Fall break doesn't let you down easy, it turns out.  Anyway, I want to talk about five more things I've been loving or thinking about lately today, before I dive into a weekend of studying for midterms.

1.) I've had zero time to read an actual book since school started, really, but I did manage to listen to an excellent audio book over the last week or so that was simply so great I had to mention it.  Ben Macintyre's latest book Rogue Heroes is about the British SAS (Special Air Service) during WWII, and it is just incredible.  The SAS was responsible for sabotage in Northern Africa against the Italians and Germans during that portion of the war, and they operated in other theaters of the war afterward.  Macintyre writes about their operations in a way that is easy to follow and completely engrossing.  He is at his best in this book, the fourth of his I've read (the others were awesome, too) and everything about it was great.  His writing is so good for his genre, he is funny while maintaining the seriousness of war, his narration in the audio book was so great, and the story of the SAS was just mind blowing.  I love reading about the sabotage/spying/covert stuff of the war, and Ben Macintyre is simply the best in the business.  

2.) I've spoken about She Reads Truth here before, but I want to highlight the plan I'm going through right now in my devotional time, because it's so good.  Hosea has always been an intriguing book of the Bible to me, and my mind has been blown so many times reading it all the way through in this study.  The story of Hosea and his adulterous wife is just thick with God's faithfulness and grace.  It's such a powerful picture of sacrifice and love that mirrors Jesus's sacrifice for us.  The most faithful God promises faithfulness to us, the most unfaithful.  I highly recommend the study, but just read the whole book of Hosea.  It speaks for itself.   

3.) Switching gears entirely, I re-watched a show in the last couple weeks over the weekend nights when I wasn't studying and it is just so good I wanted to talk about it.  The show is by Masterpiece Theater, and I still cannot hear the Masterpiece opening music without expecting the Downton Abbey theme song.  Anyway, this particular show is called Poldark, and it's about a certain Cornish man, the titular Ross Poldark, who is trying to carve out a life on the rocky English coast in Cornwall county.  Now, the show (based on a series of books by Winston Graham) is basically a love story, but it's a fascinating one.  No spoilers, but the roles of the man and woman are reversed in a sort of upside-down Cinderella story to great effect.  The show is masterfully done and shot, and I am totally reading the book series over Christmas break.  I'm thinking about talking about some of the deeper themes I noticed in this second re-watch in a post because I have so many thoughts, but we'll see.  The second season is just coming out, and I'm going to try and hold off until the whole thing's available on Amazon Prime.  Also, I won't not mention that the casting of this show is impeccable, but that's not the point at all.  Though it is much appreciated.

4.) After reading an article on The Gospel Coalition, I discovered a band called The Gray Havens who just released a new full-length album you should check out.  The music isn't what I'd normally go for, but the lyrics are awesome.  Made up of a husband-wife duo, the lyrics are laced with symbolism reminiscent and inspired by both The Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis, two things I am unabashedly passionate about.  There's even some elvish in a song or two.  The words of the songs are just great, and I love the whole record.  Never has a piece of music fit more perfectly into my wheelhouse (also, I hate that phrase, but it's appropriate here).  Check them out.

5.) I am so pumped for Christmas and Christmas break I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU.  I've begun making a list of books to read so I can make the most of my time.  This is probably a sign of something not good, but I do not even care.  I can't wait to read books and not have a to-do list calling my name.  Seriously now, though, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  Quickly, here's what I have on my list to read during that break: Holy is the Day by Carolyn Weber (!!!), the Poldark series (as mentioned earlier), the last fifty pages of Miracles by C.S. Lewis, and over the New Year, The Lord of the Rings, which I've decided to re-read at the beginning of each year.  

Just thinking about the prospect of reading books is making me real happy, which is where I'm going to sign off for now.  So much studying for midterms to get through!  K, bye!

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