That Friday Feeling #1

So I'm sitting here at my desk at work, eating chocolate that I bought two hours ago because it's Friday and I honestly could not care less if eating half a bar of chocolate is ruinous to my present state of health.  'Cause you know what?  It's Friday.

The weekend has a different vibe now that I'm a college student and the break doesn't mean complete and utter freedom from (most) responsibility.  You should see the stack of homework I have mentally piled in my brain to knock off this weekend.  It's slightly terrifying.  But even the thought of spending Saturday knee-deep in Spanish and statistics mumbo-jumbo does nothing to dampen this mood.  When I was thinking about my schedule for this semester, I decided to work a full day on Fridays simply because the feeling of getting off work Friday evening is second to none other.  Is this a little strange?  Possibly.

On an unrelated note, the weather in my corner of the Midwest is sublime today.  You know how I said I was so not ready for the summer to end?  Well, I forgot how good it feels to be on the cusp of the fall.  The air just feels good, you know?  It's got that edge of cool to it that just makes me feel alive.  How can the weather do that?  All I know is, I'm officially pumped for fall.  This girl ain't having a pumpkin spice latte until at least the latter half of September, though.  What the heck, Starbucks.  Don't talk to me about that.  August is barely out the door.  Lattes aside, I'm feeling all the fall feelings.  Also, my birthday is in T-13 days. 

Anyway, I surprised myself this week (this week being my second week of actual college) that I don't mind it too terribly much.  I don't know what I was expecting, but apparently my expectations were low, because this isn't so bad.  I actually missed having deadlines.  STAT 125 isn't totally lost on me yet, I banged out a paper I'm proud of, slammed what felt like a thousand pages of Shakespeare's King Lear last night (which is such a slog, ohmygosh), and came to the happy realization that I do remember the fundamental principles of the Spanish language.  I'm actually looking forward to checking off that to-do list over the next few days.  

I guess I'm more of a person of routine and order than I thought.  I mean, I can do nothing for a week at the beach.  Spending a weekend doing nothing is blissful.  But man, I just enjoy being busy and productive and getting things done.  It is such a good feeling.  My gap year last year wasn't super busy, now that I think of it.  I had two classes per semester and I felt busy, but I have been initiated into a new sort of busy these last couple weeks and lemme say that last year was a breeze.  Turns out, I was craving that harried feeling of always having things to do.  Like I said, I'm two weeks in; we'll see if I'm still singing that tune in a month or two.  

All I'll say is so far so good.  

Also.  It's Friday.

I'm out. *throws mic*

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