Five Things

Random-just-want-to-write-about-stuff-post coming attcha.  Woo!  Five things in my head/life lately ahead:

1.) In my quest to finish all of C.S. Lewis's main works of nonfiction this year, I am currently reading his book entitled Miracles.  Oh man, it's good.  He is the one guy God consistently uses to blow my mind and teach me something, and this book is no different.  You know something's up when you copy a whole freaking page from a book into your journal.  Read it.

2.) Summer is over officially for me this week as I start up college, and honestly, I'm having a hard time letting go.  Normally I cannot wait for the fall, but this year summer just felt gloriously precious.  I'm trying to get pumped for fall, though.  Pumpkin!  Birthday!  Cooler temps!  Sweaters!  Christmaaaaaassss!  But seriously though.  Summertime rocks.

3.) PSA: All my favorite artists are dropping new records in September, which means it's going to be an extra fantastic birthday month.  Check these cool people out: All Sons & Daughters are releasing "Poets & Saints," JOHNNYSWIM are coming out with "Georgica Pond," Colony House are dropping "Only The Lonely," and Sandra McCracken is releasing "God's Highway."  SO PUMPED.

4.) COFFEE !!!

5.) I am kinda crazy about a new-to-me podcast called "Overdue."  It's hosted by two guys who read books each week and talk about them.  The point of the podcast is for these dudes to read all the books they've been meaning to read by haven't gotten around to yet.  One of them reads the book and tells the other one about it.  They are absolutely hilarious and the books they read are varied and interesting.  If you want to laugh, but also feel like you're learning something (?), then give this podcast a listen.  I would highly recommend the episodes entitled "Casino Royale," "The Two Towers," "The Return of the King," and "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall."  Pretty sure I laughed till I cried with almost all of those.

I'm kicking around the idea of doing a completely different post next about something related to the page out of Lewis's Miracles that knocked my socks off and some things God's been teaching me lately, but we'll see if I wanna completely bare my heart. :P I want this space to incorporate some more personal writing, and I think that topic would be appropriate since it relates to a book.  With college starting, though, who knows if I'll have any time at all.  Anyway, happy Monday and bye!

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Unknown said...

I would love to hear your thoughts on Lewis's Miracles. I am speaking on miracles at Ignite and it has been a long while since I read Lewis on the subject.

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