My 2016 Goals + Stuff

Well I'm dusting off the old blog today to share my goals for 2016 and also talk about where I'm taking the blog this year.  I've been thinking about changing things up around here and what I want the content to be.

First of all, though, goals.  I've never really been into resolutions.  They don't work for me typically, and goals make much more sense.  Last year I set a few – be brave, read 100 books (I read 85), work my way to 50 consecutive push-ups (world-changing goals, I know).  The first of these – to be brave – ended up defining my year.  2015 was by far the craaaziest year ever.  Summit had a lot to do with that, and by choosing bravery as my theme, I think I ended up squeezing so much more out of every experience last year than I maybe would have otherwise.  That was pretty incredible.  He's a good Father, y'all.  More than any other year, 2015 changed me a whole bunch.

But we are talking about 2016 today.  If there is a theme to my goals for this year, I think it's being intentional.  Being intentional about doing things that are necessary but maybe not fun, being intentional about relationships, etc.  And while I'm not listing it as a specific goal, I want to continue to develop bravery in whatever I do.

stick to a budget

Because, you know, #adulting.  Seeing as it's going to be something I do forever, I decided I need to start budgeting now.  I'm using an app called Mint to create/manage my budget, and I already feel very organized/responsible.

read more intentionally

Since I set myself a goal to read 100 books last year, I read a lot of easy books/fiction that I ended up really disliking/not caring about.  I decided that this year my reading would consist of a lot of nonfiction and classics, partly because those are the types of books I loved most last year, and also because I ain't got time to read books of little substance.  This year is going to consist of a ton of history, large classics (looking at you, Crime & Punishment), C.S. Lewis, and apologetics/theology.  I'm just going to get busier as I get older and start college, and if I'm going to spend any of my time reading (of course, because I would sooner stop breathing than stop reading), I want it to be worthwhile.  (I'll be talking more about my reading plans in a future post)

get better at productivity/planning/time management

So, yeah, this is a thing that needs to happen.  *See note above about getting progressively busier.

consistency – emotionally/spiritually

Spiritually, if there's one thing I need to continue to get better at, it's consistency.  Historically, I've tended to go in spurts with my reading/prayer life, and towards the end of last year, I made it much more of a priority, and I'm carrying that goal into this year, and um, forever.  When I'm consistently spending time with God, I'm just so excited about my relationship with Him and so much more in tune to His plan for my life.  Which I guess is kinda, "duh," but consistency is important.  If you haven't gotten this so far, I have a hard time with schedules/habits.  :P

be intentional in friendships/strengthening them

Last year I developed some really great friendships.  Some close, really solid ones.  And I just really saw the importance of them in ways I have not in the past.  So a goal for this year is to continue to be intentional in strengthening friendships/developing them.

saying "yes" to God – every time

I have no plans for this year, basically.  I have a college class this semester, I'm graduating high school this spring, and starting college in the fall, but I have no plans for my summer like I did last year.  It's going to kill me not to go back to Summit, but I'm leaving things wide open.  This goal sort of goes along with the bravery one from last year, but I just want God to have His way with me this year.  And if He wants me to do something this summer, I'll be game.  I don't think that will work unless I'm free and brave, you know?  So yeah, saying "yes" to Him this year is gonna be a thing. 
develop my prayer life

Not going to go way into this, but it goes along with the consistency thing.  Like, it's my favorite thing to go outside at night and talk to God under the stars and write big long prayers to Him, but I want to get better at the daily, habitual prayer. 
pour into my siblings' lives

I did some of this last year.  Intentionally spending time with my siblings, but I want to do more of it this year.  Oldest siblings have such an incredible influence on their younger brothers and sisters, and I want to be intentional with this.  

grow musically: piano, guitar, other(?)

This is fairly self-explanatory.  I want to get better at guitar and resurrect my inner pianist (not sure if that's a thing?)  Also, I'd really like to learn to play the cello.  But.  *See above note about getting busier.

And that's all of them!  This post is already the longest ever, but I just wanted to quickly mention how I want to change this baby this year.  I want to shift it from an exclusively book-related/book-review blog into more of a personal blog.  Which basically means I'll talk about books and everything else.  I loved doing the last two posts I did about Little Women and the more analytical one on Camus, so that will be happening more, and I also want to just talk about some more topical stuff (e.g. why I'm not a feminist) <<< Should be loads of fun (and no, that was not sarcastic).  I'll still talk about books, but I want to do way more writing about stuff I'm interested in.  

Anyway, this is ridiculously long, so I am going to stop talking.  I'm going to talk about my reading plans at some point, so that should be happening soon.  Also, I need snow.  

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