My Autumn TBR

I know that fall is now about half over, which makes me sad, but I wanted to share the books I hope to read this season (let's just note that I've started none of these so far.  Oops.)

The first book I have on my list (and the one I'm starting next) is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Donna Tartt is one of those authors I have heard a ton about, but have never read, and I'm excited to pick this one up.  I got it earlier this year, and I saved it for this season, because it just seems like a fall read to me.  It is a huge book – 750 pages – but hopefully it won't drag and I'll be able to finish it before next year.  I am equal parts excited and nervous for this – partly because I rarely read contemporaries – but I'm gonna give it a go.

The next book is one that's frequently at the top of African-American literature lists – Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.  Now, earlier this year I read Beloved by Toni Morrison, also an African-American novel, and I didn't love it – Morrison's writing style is different and a little hard to engage with, in my opinion.  Of course, after I read it, I heard someone say that Hurston's novel was a better place to start than Morrison, so I'm just doing it backward, I guess.  Anyway, this is a pretty short Southern love story(?) I'm thinking, and I'm looking forward to it.

Next up is a classic – supposedly the precursor to the modern mystery novel – and it is The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.  I got this one earlier this year and set it aside for this season, because that just seemed right, and I am pumped to read this.  I am a huge fan of mysteries, as you know, and so I am excited for this.  It's got all the things I love about mysteries: a locked room, red herrings, and the lot.  It's a pretty chunky book, but I'm really stoked.

The next book I have on my list is here for a really dumb reason.  It's called The Fall by Albert Camus.  I know, I'm sorry.  How corny can you get?  I picked this book up secondhand this year, and I just thought I'd try to read it this season.  Albert Camus is a French Nobel Prize winning author and philosopher who contributed to the rise of a philosophy known as absurdism.  I don't know a whole lot about him, but I know that he has some different beliefs/views, and as I am a proponent of reading/learning about ideas and people who disagree with my worldview to know what they believe and therefore how to respond, I'm interested in this, but not really excited for it, except that I'm curious as to Camus's belief system (or the lack thereof).  In any case, I know this will be fascinating.

And the final one I have on my list is Hard Times by Charles Dickens.  I've had this one for a while, and it's been on my list to read for several months in a row, so I don't know if I'll get to it this season or not.  If there are any books on this list I could see myself not reading, it will be this one.  Oh well.  I need to get inspired to read Charles Dickens, I guess.

And those are the books I absolutely really need to read this season (or what's left of it).  There are a couple nonfiction books I also want to get to, and I need to finish reading War & Peace, but these are my top priority.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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