This Girl Likes #13

There are seriously, so many things that have made me happy this week.  So many.  We'd better get started.

First off, I read a poetry collection this week!  A girl I've been following on Instagram for a while, Gaby Comprés, recently released her first collection of poems – A Song of Bravery – as an ebook on Amazon.  And let me just say, it may have made me tear up while reading it at work this week.  Her words are so good.  So true.  So full of hope and love and bravery.  And they beat with God's heart.  I am such a fan of people making art and doing awesome things for the glory of God, and Gaby is such a beautiful example of that.  She just has a beautiful heart.  Through this week, she has her collection on Amazon for free!  There are 73 poems, and they are all just beautiful.  You need to check it out.  Also check out Gaby's blog here and her Instagram account is beautiful!

Second, if you didn't notice from the many references I made to her blog in my book haul post earlier this week, I've been really enjoying Anne's blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy.  I appreciate the blend of interesting topics she talks about on her blog, and I'm a big fan of the kinds of books she reads.   There have been a couple books I've bought either on her recommendation, or she simply gave me more reasons to check a book out, and I'm excited to see if I like them as much as she did.   Definitely go check her blog out.  

Two movie trailers came out this week that made me suuuuper happy.  The first one was the trailer for Ant-Man, another Marvel movie coming out this year.  The trailer looks awesome and I was thrilled to see that Evangeline Lily (who played Tauriel in The Hobbit) is going to be starring.  I am really excited to see that movie.  It looks so cool.  

And then, today, Thursday, the second teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens came out!  AHHHHH!!! *Cue fangirling* I am so excited.  Once again, it looks so awesome, and I am really hoping, along with all the other female Star Wars nerds, that that girl is a kick-butt Jedi.  I want that really bad.  My Twitter feed completely blew up today over that thing, and for a good reason.  I cannot wait for The Incomparable podcast to do like a 3-hour episode on the teaser.  Here's the trailer, if for some crazy reason you have not seen it, or would like to re-watch it.  That last bit with Han and Chewie got me all like: *Aww* *Sniff, sniff* *I missed them so much* *Harrison Ford!!!!* All the heart eyes to that dude.  He's so cool.  Okay, I'm done now.

I seriously want to read ALL the books right now.  There are so many I want to read.  Not to mention the piles on my desk I just bought that I have to read.  Ugh, I think I need to just pause real life right now.  Hopefully summer will slow down and I can get some serious reading done.  Hopefully?

Finally, to wrap this up, I wanted to say that I will do my absolute best to get a book review up next week, but I am participating in a play, and we have tons of practices and three rehearsals next week, and so I might not be able to squeeze blogging in.  I will try to write a review up this weekend, but I wanted to apologize ahead in case I don't.

Thanks for reading, and I will (hopefully) be back next week with a review of ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE.  xo, Ella

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, dear Ella, for those kind words about A Song of Bravery! I truly appreciate them. So thankful for you :)

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