Book Buying Habits – (Or How I Don't Blow My Paycheck on Books)

Hello and happy Tuesday!  I am here to talk about buying books.  Which is funny because I am planning on sharing the books I've purchased recently sometime this week.  But I thought I would talk about how I decide which books to buy and how I manage to leave money for other important stuff – like clothes.  

  • I use my library a ton.  If I want new stuff to read, I go to the library before anything else.  A good chunk of the stuff I read is from the library.  Now if I read a book and it blows me away or read a series that is really good, I will then go and buy it/them from Barnes & Noble or put it on my wishlist.  I think this is a really awesome way to ensure that I don't either spend waaaay too much money or buy stuff I don't end up liking.
  • When I do go book shopping or spend time in Barnes & Noble, I give myself rather flexible restraints.  Basically, I tell myself that if I have read a book and love it and know that I'll read it again, or if it is a classic, or if I have heard lots of good things about it, I'll buy it, no questions asked.  Also, I will always buy nonfiction if it interests me.  If it sounds the least bit interesting or I have heard any good things about it, I always buy it.  A couple nonfiction books have made it to my favorite books list because I bought them on a whim.  These basic guidelines help keep me in check, but I also feel free to stretch them sometimes.
  • On that note, I have bought fiction books from the bookstore without reading them first or hearing much about them and been disappointed.  Last year, I picked up a mystery from the bookstore that was part of a fairly well-liked series and regretted it.  It wasn't terrible, but had I read it first, I wouldn't have picked it up.  There are similar instances that inspired me to set myself guidelines.  
  • But as I said, I will always buy classics and books I've heard a lot about.  I bought All The Light We Cannot See without having read it and I was really glad I did it.  I've bought lots of fiction books that I bought because I heard good things about them and loved them.  
  • So while I do break my own rules pretty frequently when it comes to buying books, I mostly try to stick to those guidelines and I've maintained a pretty good relationship with book buying in general of late.  
And those are some of my guidelines when it comes to buying books!  I didn't mention that I prefer to buy books in bookstores, but you can check my Twitter account on that, as I went on a bit of a rant on that topic last week.  Thanks for reading, and I will be back to share some books I've purchased recently later this week.  xo, Ella

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