This Girl Likes #11

Hello, and happy Friday!  I am here today once again to share some of my favorite things I found around the web last week.

Well, Marvel plans to release Age of Ultron in May, and over the last couple weeks they have begun to release the movie posters for each Avenger.  My favorite is Cap, and so I wanted to share his poster.  Marvel also released another trailer for the upcoming film, and I believe there are three out now.  I actually haven't watched any of them but the first one; honestly, I'm a little scared to watch the others.  Like, in the first one, Cap's shield is broken in half!  What?

I always enjoy seeing what notable people are reading, and this week, The Gospel Coalition shared Tim Keller's current reads and favorite books.  While many of them sound super heavy, a few seemed pretty interesting.  Check that out here.  

Randomly, I decided to google around and see if there were any cookbooks out there with recipes inspired by famous books, and I actually found some!  Huffington Post wrote an article with recipes inspired by literary classics (here), and I also found a Narnia cookbook (here).

Also, I have a new favorite song.  I've heard it on the radio a few times now, but it is by Bethel Music  and the title is You Make Me Brave.  I absolutely love it.  First of all, it makes me dance around in the snow at night, and second, the words are the best.  Because God's love for us + our realization of His love = us being brave for Him.  And I think that is beautiful.  

Finally, I am currently reading Live Like A Narnian to review this month, and so I am in full-on Chronicles of Narnia obsession.  Not that I was ever not obsessed with the Chronicles, but I have fallen in love with them all over this week.  I'll just go ahead and say that book is awesome right now.  And so are the Chronicles of Narnia.  I started reading A Horse And His Boy (my favorite) to my brothers, and I am now on the hunt for an updated and much cooler edition of the series.  *Sigh*  Such a nerd.  

And that rounds up my favorite things this week!  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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