Favorite Podcasts // March 2015

Hello!  Today I am here to talk about my favorite podcasts.  The last couple years I have really gotten into podcasts: listening to them while I mow in the summer,  all year around when I'm cleaning, and generally whenever I'm performing some mindless task.  While I am subscribed to quite a few podcasts on my phone, there are several I consistently like to listen to and eagerly await each week.

I have four top picks, and then I will mention some runners-up at the end: podcasts I enjoy, but don't consistently listen to.

First up, my favorite podcast of all time: Tim Keller's Sermons from his church in New York City.  The podcast is updated every couple of months with three new sermons, so it's not super consistent, but there are about 100 sermons in the podcast archive, and I managed to work my way through them all during a summer of mowing a couple years ago.  I have a lot of favorites, and it absolutely makes my day when they release new ones.

Tim Keller's sermons have opened my eyes to how much different stories in the Bible point to Jesus and the story of salvation.  I absolutely love his sermon style: he teaches in the first two thirds of it and then ties it back to Jesus, and it is the best.  My favorite sermons are: (80) How Sin Makes Us Addicts, (69) Lord of the Wine, (66) The Story of the Lamb, (40) I Am He, (25) Questions of Suffering, (16) Basis of Prayer "Our Father", (14) Beholding the Love of God, (12) The Lord of the Earth, (1) Adoration: Hallowed be Thy Name.  You can subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes by going here.

I'm going to list my two serious podcasts together, and the next one was a recent discovery.  The Gospel Coalition does a podcast that focuses on relevant issues within the church and within the culture.  These episodes are often taken from conferences TGC does, and there are also interviews, and other stuff.  As I said, often the episodes are from conferences, and so people from TGC often make appearances, like John Piper, Timothy Keller, Don Carson, Kathy Keller, and others.  I haven't listened to a ton of episodes, but my favorite one comes from their Women's Conference last year and it's #10: You Are What You Read by Rosaria Butterfield and she speaks about homosexuality and what our response to it should be based on the Bible.  It's really good.  link here

Now, onto the semi-serious, but mostly fun podcasts.  I discovered the Relevant podcast late last year and it is a good mix of spiritual topics, culture, and a lot of inside jokes.  The episodes are normally about 1 1/2 hours long, and they usually interview music artists, authors, and people who start charities or other other organizations.  All the people on the podcast are super fun and they talk about the funniest things.  The podcast takes a few episodes to get into because there are so many inside jokes and you need to be someone who doesn't mind people going off on tangents and talking about dumb stuff, because that happens a lot!  I think it is just the funnest thing and I look forward to it every Friday.  I don't really have a favorite episode... I enjoy all of them!

And my final favorite podcast is one that I listen to purely for fun.  The Relevant podcast is equal parts profound and hilarious, but The Incomparable is simply entertainment.  On The Incomparable they talk about all things TV: superhero movies, superhero TV shows, old movies, everything Star Wars, and even books once in a while.  My favorite episodes are the Star Wars ones: there are a couple people on the podcast who know everything there is to know about Star Wars, and they spent like an hour and a half talking about the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, and it was the best.  They also do two-part discussions of each of the movies from the most recent trilogy (episodes I-III) and basically rip them apart (because true Star Wars lovers hate those movies).  Oh my word – those episodes are so funny!  In the episode released last Saturday, they talk about the last movie in the trilogy and I cannot wait to listen to it!  If you are geeky and love Star Wars and superheroes and all that, I recommend this podcast!

Runners up: I am subscribed to some other podcasts that I don't listen to consistently – just once in a while if I have nothing else to listen to.  One of those is the New York Times Book Review Podcast, which discusses best sellers, interviews authors, and more.  It's short and easy to listen to, and I enjoy listening to it once in a while if an episode catches my eye.  I also really enjoy Back to Work – a podcast about productivity and geeky stuff that I listen to because one of the guys is super funny.  It's not for everyone, but I like it.

And that wraps up my favorite podcasts as of now!  I love listening to podcasts when I'm mowing, or cleaning, or having a slow day at work.  They are the best!  Thanks for reading, and I will be back on Wednesday to talk about my new favorite TV show.  xo, Ella

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