War & Peace: Week 4

Hello, and happy Superbowl Sunday.  I'm sitting over here stalking Twitter and cheering for the Patriots because they're who Chris Evans is cheering for, so obviously (honestly, though, I don't really care who wins because the Superbowl bet will turn out awesome whatever happens).

This week reading War & Peace was rough.  It was a long half chapter with mostly boring battle stuff and dumb generals and annoying arguments.  So what I'm saying is this will be short.  Because I need to get back to my Twitter feed.
So the Russians are waiting for a battle that is imminent.  The troops think about life and death.  The battle begins.  Andrew senses that Prince Bagration reacts to news of events on the field as if he had planned for them.  Andrew notices that this helps the morale.  The two come upon many wounded soldiers, their detachment having been overwhelmed.  The commanding officer pleads with Bagration to turn back, but he refuses.  
At the same time, Nicholas is in the hussar lines anxiously waiting his first battle.  All of a sudden, it begins and he is unsure who the enemy is and whether he is wounded, as he feels the warmth of blood and is pinned by his fallen horse.  He sees the approaching French and wonders how they could kill him, someone whom everyone likes.  He waits for aid.  
Dolokhov, Nicholas's friend, is also wounded while capturing an enemy officer.  Andrew wanders among the wounded soldiers and saves a Captain Tushin from wrongful accusations of imcompetence by Bagration, but he is unhappy about it.  
And thus, the second book comes to a close.  I hope we move on from the battlefield/army in the next one, and the pace picks up a little bit.  But, War & Peace isn't like 3 inches thick for no reason, eh?

I will be back tomorrow to share the books I'll review this week!  Enjoy the Superbowl if you're watching it and I cannot wait to see the outcome of #twitterbowl.  And yes, I will be stalking Chris Evans and Chris Pratt on Twitter for the rest of the night.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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