War & Peace: Week 3

Another week, another few chapters of War and Peace under my belt.  This week I read about the Russian army, and it was kind of boring.  I'm ready to get back to the more interesting high society.

It is October of 1805, and the army is stationed near Braunau in Austria, the home of their ally, Archduke Ferdinand.  The army is clean and orderly, despite their lack of decent clothing.  Pierre's friend, Dolokhov, has been demoted because of inappropriate clothing and is told that only if he proves himself in battle will he be promoted.  

In a Russian hussar camp near Braunau, Nicholas Rostov and his commanding officer, Denisof, are enjoying leisure time until a fellow officer, Telyanin, steals Denisof's purse and Nicholas demands it back.  When Nicholas publicly accuses Telyanin, he earns charges of insubordination from his superior officer.  

The Russian troops retreat over a river, pursued by the French.  The situation is chaotic: a Russian officer is nearly trampled as the army crosses a bridge, the splash of a cannonball into the water goes unheard, and orders are misunderstood.  The Russian hussars, Nicholas included succeed in burning the bridge to slow the French down, but at the loss of three Russian soldiers.  The commanding officers display their selfishness in overlooking the loss of life in highly praising the platoon.

This week's reading was fairly short, but that's a quick summary of what I read.  Either tomorrow or Tuesday I will have the second review of the month up!  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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