War & Peace: Week 2

This week, I really began to enjoy War & Peace.  To the point where I was kind of disappointed when I finished the chapter.  I am sticking with the format I used last week, as it seems to work for now.

Boris, the guy I talked about in last weekend's post, and his mother, the impoverished but well-connected Princess Anna Mikhaylovna go to visit Boris's dying godfather, Cyril Bezukhov.  There, they are greeted by Vasili Kuragin.  Vasili is the heir in line to Count Bezukhov's fortune, due to Pierre Bezukhov's illegitimacy.  Vasili is worried that Anna Mikhaylovna will seek the fortune for her son.  While visiting the Count, Boris speaks to Pierre, who has been expelled from St. Petersburg, and invites him to dine at the Rostov's.  At the Rostov's dinner party, there is more talk of war and more flirting among the four young people.  After dinner, Natasha looks for Sonya and finds her crying because she is afraid her love for Nicholas will never amount to anything.  

Meanwhile, Count Bezukhov has had another stroke, this time with no chance of recovery.  Prince Vasili speaks to Princess Catherine Semenovna, a third potential heir, and tells her that the count has written a letter asking the tsar to legitimize his son Pierre, making him the full heir to his fortune.  The two schemers try to destroy the letter, but Anna Mikhaylovna stops them.  Pierre visits his father's room and sees the dying count, but leaves when he sleeps.  Shortly after, he passes away.  

At Bald Hills, Prince Nicholas Bolkinski's estate outside Moscow, the prince lives in seclusion with his daughter Mary.  After a difficult math lesson with her father, Mary receives a letter from her friend Julie Karagina.  In her letter, apart from the usual words of friends, Julie tells Mary of her sadness at Nicholas Rostov going to war and also informs her of Pierre's sudden inheritance.  Later that day, Mary's brother, Andrew Bolkinski arrives at the estate with his wife, Lise.  Andrew and Mary are very close siblings and he reveals to her and his father that he is unhappy in his marriage.  After dinner, he bids his father and daughter and wife goodbye as he leaves to go to war.

This week finished off "Part First" of the 16 parts.  I hope I continue to enjoy War & Peace now that I have been introduced to many of the characters and know a bit of what is going on.  I will be back on Monday with a review of The Glamour of Grammar.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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