2014 Music of the Year

To wrap up my "favorites of the year" posts, I'm here to share my favorite artists, albums, and songs from 2014.  I found a ton of awesome music last year, and I'm excited to talk about it!  First up, my favorite artist.
Last year was the year I discovered Kye Kye.  I mentioned them on the blog last year in a This Girl Likes post, I think, but I want to formally talk about them again.  The four albums in the image are their "Young Love" album, "Young Love Remix EP", "Fantasize," and "Fantasize Remix."  I like Young Love for the lyrics, and I love Fantasize for the incredible music.  If I could choose music for my life's soundtrack, it would be Kye Kye's music.  Definitely.  I love the music and the girl's voice is amazing.  Check them out on iTunes!
Apart from the Kye Kye albums, my second favorite album of 2014 was Rend Collective's newest album, "The Art of Celebration."  It has some really awesome songs on it – I don't think there's a single one I don't like.  It's one of those albums that just makes you happy, but I guess the title attests to that.  I love all the songs, but my favorite is probably "My Lighthouse" or "Burn Like a Star."

My third favorite album was Audrey Assad's new EP, "Death, Be Not Proud."  It's a very solemn album, but one with a lot of hope.  The songs are incredibly moving, and Audrey's voice is just perfection.  My favorite song is "Lamb of God."

My fourth and last favorite album from last year is All Sons & Daughters' new album.  It's a beautiful album, with lots of soothing songs filled with thoughtful lyrics.  It reminds me of dark, starry nights, for some reason.  The reason I loved it was probably a combination of the awesome music, beautiful harmony, and really meaningful lyrics.  I loved it last year, and talking about it is making me want to listen to it.  My favorite song from the album is "King of Glory."  It's a good one.

As far as individual songs go, I discovered several on The Drop last year, and I'll just list them below.

  • "Song of Solomon" by Martin Smith – Ugh, this song is seriously so good.  It's one of those that I could have on repeat forever.  Literally.
  • "East & West" by Cageless Birds – I love this song!  The lyrics are so profound and the music is amazing.  
  • "Gotta Have You" by Jillian Edwards – I actually have the entire album, and I'm going to throw in here as an honorable mention for this year's favorites.  It's called "Daydream" and you can find it by going to the link above.  Honestly, I got it like within the last 5 days of 2014, but hey, I beat the deadline.  
  • "Marvelous Light" by Ellie Holcomb – Another song I could have on repeat 24/7.  Ellie Holcomb is quickly becoming a favorite, and this song is just awesome.  The music video's great!
  • "Oceans" by Hillsong United – I didn't discover this on The Drop, but it plays on the radio and reminds me of being brave.  I love everything about it.  Beautiful lyric video!
And that's it for my 2014 music favorites!  It was a great year music-wise, and I discovered so many awesome artists, albums, and songs!  I can't wait for the music 2015 will bring.  Thanks for reading! xo, Ella

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