Update: Looking Forward!

Hello!  As this will be my last post of the year (I'm taking the next two weeks off), I thought I would do a short post to talk about the changes for 2015.

  • First of all, since this month has been packed with talking about classics, I kind of forgot about doing my top books of this year, etc.  So, I will be kicking off the new year talking about my favorite books, movies, and music from 2014.  I'm a little behind, but oh well.  
  • Next, I am planning to make a few changes to posting in 2015.  I noticed I was having a hard time finding pins for my bi-weekly "This Girl Pins" posts, so I will be removing those posts and just doing "This Girl Likes" posts since I always have stuff for those and they are more fun to write.  I will also be doing one post a month on a Friday where I showcase some entertaining grammar mistake I find and trying to explain why it's wrong and how to fix it.  Sorry for you people who think grammar is awful.  Because I love it.  I also decided to make Friday posting more flexible.  I might or might not be able to post every Friday, depending on my week, and I just want to give myself leeway on what I have to write about.  But this is all kind of tentative – I may find it doesn't work and go back to how it was.  Who knows.    
  • And finally, I have made it a goal, or to use the dreaded word, a resolution, for 2015 to read Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace.  I know, quite the goal.  But I'm planning to make out a schedule and push through so many pages a week.  Every Saturday, or sometime during the weekends, I will write a real short post summarizing what I read that week.  Hopefully, this will help me remember more of what I read and I won't be able to just rush through the reading knowing I will have to write about it.  

And that's the last post for 2014!  I have really enjoyed this blog – it feels like I've finally found my niche in the blogging world.  Reading books and talking about them will always be something I'm passionate about, so blogging about that just seems like a really good fit for me.  Thanks to those of you who follow this little corner of the internet – it means a lot!  I'm very happy with This Girl Writes in the five months it has existed and I'm excited to keep blogging in 2015!  I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas filled with family, yummy food, (hopefully snow), all the feelings of the season and I hope your new year is awesome!  Thanks for reading – I'll be back next year!  xo, Ella

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