Gift Guide for Book Nerds 2014

Hello, and happy Tuesday!  As we draw nearer to Christmas, I thought I'd better hurry up and write about some gift ideas that would be perfect for the book lovers on your list.  You might even find something here you can't live without!  Nothing here is over $70; there are some things that would make nice stocking stuffers and others that are pricier.  Hope you enjoy it!

1.)  First up is this awesome mug, which would be perfect for a best friend or significant other.  It would make any reader or writer smile each morning when they had their tea/coffee.  $12.99 here

2.) I recently came across a really neat shop that sells prints inspired by Scripture, and I love the watercolor look of this one and the swoopy (has to be a word, right?) white letters.  I think any mom/aunt/grandma/niece would be happy to hang this on her wall.  from $14.00 here

3.)  I have already raved about how much I love this set, and it would be an awesome addition to a bookworm's shelves or a great way to introduce the girl on your list to these wonderful classics.
$64 here

4.) This clothespin book light is such an awesome idea.  Small and great for traveling, it helps keep your page too!  $16.21 here

5.) An iPhone dock made from a book – what a great idea.  This shop has made a wide variety of classics into docks from this one, Pride & Prejudice to Sherlock Holmes.  I think it would make a fantastic gift for a book lover and iPhone user.  $55.09 here

6.) I have loved/wanted one of these letters for so long!  They are just the coolest thing.  Carved from some really beautiful books, they would look so pretty on a bookshelf, spelling out a name or just the initial.  Each one is handmade, so no two are alike!  $20.00 here

7.) Oh. My. Goodness.  I was looking around for some things booklovers would like, and I stumbled across this!  Novel teas!  Each of the 25 tea bags has a quote on the tag from a well-known author about books/reading and being the tea-crazy I am, I love it!  I think anyone who enjoys a big, steaming cup of tea with their current read would love this in their stocking.  $12.50 here

8.) I can be found haunting my local library as often as I can get a ride there, and as I always find an outrageous number of books to check out, I usually leave attempting to balance a tower in my arms (tell me I'm not the only one).  It's about time I get a bag to house all my finds so I don't look like a complete dork who looks like she never gets to go to the library.  And needless to say, I really love that this one is Little Women-themed.  Would be a much-appreciated gift for anyone who frequents the library (and is forced to balance towers).  $19.99 here

9.) This shop on Etsy makes adorable, quirky bookmarks.  They have tons of different ones, from Christmas-y elf shoes to bare feet.  They would make fun gifts for any book-reader!  $21.90 here

10.) Because the New Year happens right after Christmas pretty much, I think it's an excellent time to give calendars!  I love this one by 1canoe2 with the silhouette of an American writer each month.  $25.00 here

11.) Now I know this isn't book related, but I have wanted headphones for along time, and I think this color is so pretty.  Besides, especially if I'm traveling, I love to listen to music while I read.  (Is this just me?  Is that weird?)  $59.90 here

12.) This book looks really good.  It's a book full of "hilariously imagined text conversations...from classic and modern literary figures" (from the Amazon description) and it seriously sounds like so much fun.  Once in a while I love a book that is just lighthearted and fun and easy.  This is definitely on my wishlist!  $14.13 here

13.) I know I've talked about these candles before, but I think they would make a seriously awesome present/stocking stuffer for any candle or book lover. This shop has tons of options – from Doctor Who-themed scents to candles that supposedly smell of old books (heart-eyed emoji).  I've not tried any of them yet, but they all sound amazing.  $15.32 here

14.) For any Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans on your list who are still rooting for Grant Ward
(#standwithward), I recommend this shirt.  I seriously want it so bad.  $23.40 here

15.) Here's another book I've been working through that's just good fun.  A book about the lost words of English arranged according to the time of day you need them, it's one of those books full of things you'll never need to know, but it won't fail to make you laugh.  Anyone who enjoys the English language and is obsessed with words and their history is sure to get a laugh out of Mark Forsyth's excellent revel through the forgotten words of English.  $14.28 here

16.) I already mentioned this in my review of the Chronicles of Narnia yesterday, but I think this audio drama of said series would be an awesome gift for cousins/nieces/nephews/grandkids.  My siblings and I really enjoy the set we own!  $55.49 here (on sale right now!)

I hope you enjoyed that gift guide and found a few things to help with people on your Christmas list.  Maybe you even found things to add to your wishlist!  I will be back to talk about Lord of the Rings tomorrow – I'm excited!  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella  

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