Book Review: Little Women

To kick off classics month, today I'm reviewing my favorite fiction book ever.  Little Women.  It's followed closely by Lord of the Rings, but the girl in me just loves it.  And this edition designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co is just. so. pretty.  

Title: Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Publisher/Price: Puffin/Bantam Classics (paperback) / $12.00 here and $3.95 here (respectively)

Type: Fiction

Genre: Coming-of-Age; Classic

Number of pages: 560

My rating: 5 1/2 out of 5 stars

My thoughts: To me, Little Women is the quintessential book for girls.  About four sisters as different as they are relatable, it's one of those books you can reread countless times and yet always feels new.  Each time I read it, I am able to identify with another of the girls (Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy).  Personally, my favorite of the four is Jo.  She's a tomboy, loves to read and write, is impulsive and gets passionate about things, and her name is great.  I enjoy her more and more each time I read Little Women.

I love the time period Little Women is written in; I love the March family and all their friends; I revel in all the scrapes they get into; I sympathize with each one in their little struggles.  I love the little romances, love seeing each of the girls follow their path and grow into young women.  Little Women to me feels like coming home, feels like coming back to a familiar and well-loved place, like a favorite worn-out chair that holds too many memories to forget.  It feels like fresh girlhood, like innocence, like old-fashioned life where being a woman means so much more than looking like one. For me, it will always be an integral part of my girlhood – a classic in the truest sense.

And because I can't resist, how about a couple more pictures of that cover...

If you are a girl and have never read Little Women, I strongly encourage you to – even if you're not a little woman anymore. :)  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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