Series Spotlight: Royal Spyness Mysteries by Rhys Bowen

Hello, and happy Wednesday!  Today I'm here to talk about a series I've recently discovered and one I like a lot.

If you read this post, you'll know I've been reading lots of mysteries lately.  Consequently, I discovered a new author, Rhys Bowen.  She's written three series; I've read about five books in her Molly Murphy Mysteries series, and now am head over heels in love with her Royal Spyness Mysteries.
 Where the MM Series lacked in polish and high-quality prose, Bowen makes up for it in the Royal Spyness Series.  Somehow, the series just feels more expensive, for lack of a better word.  The prose is more refined and elegant, the characters deeper and more complex, and the plot more lighthearted and faster-paced.  I'm into it.

Now in all honesty, I've only read these two books from the series (#6 and #9, respectively), but I liked them enough to recommend the series and get the itch to wipe my library out of the rest of them.

Georgie, the royal spyness, is just a shedload of fun with as much character and personality as Molly from Bowen's other series.  Her full title is Lady Georgiana Rannoch, and technically, she is the thirty-fifth in line for the throne of England.  Despite being in the royal line, Georgie is a very relatable character: she's always low on funds, tends to be a little clutsy, and never knows what her beau, or family, for that matter, is up to.  Her mother is a British actress who thinks too much of herself and lives an independent life among the upper class of society.  Her sometimes awkward relations with her daughter and extravagant tastes lend the books comic relief, and due to her flightiness can never be relied on to remain constant throughout the story.

Georgie's beau, Darcy, reminds me a lot of Daniel, Molly's beau, fianc√©, and then husband in the MM Series.  Supposedly, Darcy is some kind of spy, meaning he can never tell Georgie just what he's up to.  This leads to his turning up rather unexpectedly in the stories.  Their relationship brings an enjoyable amount of romance to the plot, without it overwhelming the story or feeling forced.

Georgie herself is unlike Molly in more ways than one.  She's very independent, but due to the constraints of being a part of royalty, often can't exercise her want of freedom.  Whereas Molly ran a detective agency, Georgie has a quick mind, and whenever she encounters a murder (which seem to follow her), her sharp wit and quick thinking often lead the case to a close.  Because she doesn't have to solve mysteries to make a living, the stories tend to be more balanced between her personal life the search for clues, necessary spying, and deducing.  Also, the stories are told in first person by Georgie, which adds a level of personality and fun.

I really really enjoyed the two books I've read from the series – they were just a lot of fun and very entertaining.  They aren't the sort of books that will enlighten and teach you, but sometimes I just want to read something that is easy and enjoyable.  If you're a fan of mysteries or are looking for a new series to get into, I'd recommend you check this one out – it's awesome.   And yes, the library will be ransacked again in the near future as I've only gotten my hands on two books so far.  ;)  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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