Movie Review // Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hello there!  So I'm here a day late to talk about what is possibly my favorite movie of this year – The Winter Soldier.

To give a little background, I had seen Captain America: The Fist Avenger previously, before the Avengers, and while I really liked Cap in it, I wasn't blown away.  Nonetheless, I thought he was awesome in the Avengers, and he quickly became my favorite.  But this.  This was. so. good.  The plot just worked so well for me, the characters all felt well-developed, and I thought the message was very timely.  The Winter Soldier is one of those movies that works really well.

First, the plot.  (And sorry, not sparing spoilers)  Discovering that Shield had been infested by Hydra was crazy.  Honestly though, after watching Agents of Shield and listening to a podcast, I think that was a really good move on Marvel's part.  It was brilliant.  You get to see Cap and Natasha kind of have to reevaluate who they are outside of Shield, and I can't wait to see where Marvel goes with this.

Second, let's talk about the cast/characters.  I loved seeing Black Widow and Captain America together in a movie that was focused on them/Shield/Nick Fury.  I also really enjoyed the introduction of Falcon – Anthony Mackie is good.  Black Widow has always really intrigued me – even in the Avengers, she was a favorite.  But here, you get a closer look at her.  She's still got her reservation and her secrets – even Cap's not sure he can trust her.  But then, it's hard to know who to trust in this movie.  Even Nick Fury arouses questions from those around him.

And to move onto part three, that's one of the prevailing themes in the Winter Soldier.  Trust.  With the discovery of Hydra within Shield, Cap, Natasha, even Nick are unsure of who is with them.  Natasha, who has relied on Shield and Nick to give her a future brighter than her past, suddenly finds herself back to square one – unsure of where to go, who to be.  Cap, who was suspicious of Nick's use of Shield at the beginning of the movie, looks like he's on a mission of his own – to find the Winter Soldier, enhanced brainwashed supersoldier Bucky, his best friend from 70 years ago (it's a long story).  And Nick is off in Europe somewhere tracking down any remaining any agents still true to Shield.

The other main theme of this movie is freedom and what that means both for citizens and for huge operations like Shield.  On the one hand, you have Hydra, which believes that the answer to humanity's problems is complete domination.  It acts on the assumption that man cannot be trusted with their own freedom.  Shield is the answer to Hydra – to protect the freedoms of humanity.  Fury's actions in the Winter Soldier lead Cap to question the methods Shield is using to protect those freedoms.

Finally, there are just some really fun parts in this movie.  The part in the beginning where Cap's running around the reflecting pond with Sam Wilson is so funny and I love the running joke with Natasha about finding a girlfriend.  Then take the elevator scene.  Best. scene. ever.  And the kiss?  Yes, apparently the Cap doesn't appreciate PDA's that much.

Overall, I loved this movie probably way more than I should.  My admiration of Captain America gained new heights, and I cannot wait to see what is next for him.  Tomorrow or Saturday I'll be sharing some of my favorite quotes from this movie.  Thanks for reading!  Ella

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