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Okay, so just to warn you, this week is going to basically be me screaming, "I love Marvel!!" at the top of my lungs.  I'm sorry if that's not your thing.  Really sorry.  You poor person...

Furthermore, today in particular, I am going to be talking about a new TV show I've been obsessed with of late.  I have become a big fan of all things Marvel this year, ever since being introduced to the amazing franchise through the Avengers and Captain America (mwah!) several months ago.  So when my brother discovered that Marvel was doing a show for ABC, and it turned out to be really good, I knew what I would be watching for the next few months. 

For those of you who don't know about the show or what it's about, Agents of Shield basically follows Agent Phil Coulson's team shortly after the Avengers saved the world in New York City.  And if you didn't know that Coulson actually didn't die after New York, well, then... now you know.  You'll share Agent Ward's surprise in the Pilot.  But, yes, Coulson is alive and well, though he was dead for a number of days.  It's still unclear as of my 19 episodes in, but his being brought back to life involved some very sketchy actions on Fury's part.  He's tried his hardest to keep Coulson completely in the dark about the agent's death and coming-back-to-life, for reasons that are unknown to anyone but Fury, who is conveniently off-the-grid when Coulson starts looking for answers.  There are a lot of bad guys, mostly linked to some guy "the Clairvoyant" and Hydra of course.  Mostly, they're super frustrating.  Now let's get into the nitty-gritty.

First of all, the details.  I'm about 20 episodes into the first season – they're up to 9 episodes or so into the second season, and I've heard it gets way better in the sophomore run, though I'm not real sure how that's even possible.  If you actually watch TV, the show's on Tuesday nights, but since we don't, I stream it through Amazon Prime and the experience is greatly enhanced by buffering (#firstworldproblems), which stretches the usually 40-45 minute long episodes to several hours (yes, I'm being sarcastic and possibly exaggerating).  Anyway, ranting aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed the show so far: I love the cast, the plot, the fighting (which is amazeballs), and kind of don't love the really mean plot twists.  But we won't go to far into that last subject, because I'm trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum.

Second, the main characters are those in Coulson's team, and short descriptions are to follow.  Agent Melinda May is an expert pilot (who Coulson needs to fly the supercool plane he got from Fury), she's crazy good at martial arts, and her backstory's enough to make a feature length film.  Agent Grant Ward is like May in a lot of ways – he's all in, is crazy good with his fists, and is very buff for a non-superhero.  He is technically the specialist of the team (whatever that means).  And he is extremely good-looking.  But of course that has nothing to do with being my favorite.  Then there's Skye, the newcomer who seriously shakes things up.  She's a lot of fun and adds a much-needed levity and lightheartedness to the team.  She's an outsider – she never went through the Academy, so she forces the team to think outside the box.  FitzSimmons or (Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons) are two people, a guy and a girl, they are best friends, and halfway through the show, you've decided that they are pretty much the smartest people ever – or at least they act like it.  The two of them are crazy good scientists, and are a lot of fun.  Finally, there's Coulson, who you get to know really well.  He has aviator sunglasses and an old car named "Lola," and he's just so cool.  They are all just terrific.  I think Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Ward (Brett Dalton) are my favorites so far, but I really enjoy everyone.  And yes, I still like Ward even after what happens later in the first season (#standwithward).  My favorite thing about the characters in this show is their interaction.  It's so good.  The show has Joss Whedon's amazing dialogue going on (I'll share some fave quotes from the show on Friday), the fight sequences are some of the best ever, and I just love the way the team is like a family.  How did that get so long?

Finally, the most awesome thing about this show is its seamless conjunction with the rest of the Marvel films (which is not really surprising).  Episode 18 or 19 covers the overthrowing of Shield by Hydra which takes place in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and offers an inside look at the mass betrayal of Shield agents – including a few pretty close to Coulson and the crew.  You also see how the news of Fury's death (and the news of his not-death) affects the team and how Shield's sudden demise leaves Coulson and his agents feeling very alone and out-of-place.

Wow, sorry that turned out to be so long.  I did warn you.  But seriously, I love this show, and if you're a fan of anything Marvel, I bet you will love it too.  And my review of Winter Soldier may come a day late this week and happen on Thursday, because I need to watch to watch it again before I review it.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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