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So.  I have been reading a lot lately.  The library has been raided and I've got some new favorite authors and books to share.  Obviously, it would take this girl way too much time to review each of these on its own, so I decided to do a "book dump" (where do I come up with these things?) where I basically show the books I've been enjoying and write a little blurb about why I like each one.  

You may have noticed that four of these are written by the same author – Rhys Bowen.  I discovered her when I ran into the library a couple weeks ago.  The middle book on the left side was on the "New Arrivals" shelf, and I decided to give it a go.  Thus, I discovered Rhys Bowen.  She won an Agatha Christie award or something for one of her series, so that's pretty neat.  She has three series that I know of: the Molly Murphy Mysteries, the Royal Spyness Mysteries, and the Constable Evans Series.  I've only read books from the Molly Murphy Mysteries, but you'd better believe I want to read the others.  The genre of the MM Series is Historical Mystery.  While they aren't the best books I've ever read – the prose wasn't amazing and some elements came off slightly unbelievable at times – they are the kind of stories that won't stop screaming your name from your bedroom when you're trying to do school.  I found that they are best read in one sitting.  Preferably with a cup of tea.  The main character, Molly Murphy, a private investigator from Ireland living in New York City, is the classic example of a woman trying to make her way in a man's profession, let alone a man's world.  The books are meant to be read in order, but I kind of just grabbed whichever ones I could find, so you don't have to read them in order, though that would be best.  Okay, enough gabbing, let's get to the books.  I'm not reviewing these in full, so I'll link to the book's Amazon description and page on Goodreads.

In Dublin's Fair City – The sixth book in the Molly Murphy Series, In Dublin's Fair City is by far the most personal of the four books I read from this series.  I probably enjoyed this one the least of the four I read, just because I found some things a little unbelievable and I found the romance bit slightly forced, but I still liked it and managed to finish it in a day.  Oops.  This isn't supposed to be a full review, so I'm not going into details, but here are the links to the description on Amazon and the Goodreads page for the book.  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 8

For the Love of Mike – This is the third book in the MM Series.  I liked this one a lot because it had many layers – lots of stuff going on.  That always makes a book more appealing to me.  This one had a lot of history woven into it, which always makes me happy.  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 8

The Baker Street Translation – I loved this book!  Since I am a ridiculous fan of Sherlock Holmes, this story about a lawyer who sets up shop in the rooms of the deceased detective made me so happy.  The author had fun with the Sherlock thing, but also made the story feel fresh.  This book is part of a series; I can't wait to get my hands on the others!  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 9

The City of Darkness and Light – As the 13th book in the MM Series, this one finds Molly married and with a son.  Yes, it's a good idea to read them in order. It takes place in Paris and Molly's good friends Gus and Sid (girls) play a big part in the story.  This was probably my favorite out of the four I've read from the series.  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 9

N or M – Before The Body in the Library, which I read before this one, I had only read one Christie book, and these two reminded me how good her mysteries are.  This one is a Tommy and Tuppence mystery and they are pretty much the cutest couple ever.  I can't even.  They are hilarious.  I liked this book a lot and only guessed the culprit because he/she was the most seemingly-innocent person.  I'm onto you, Agatha Christie.  :)  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 9

The Body in the Library – In this book, I met the awesome Miss Marple for the first time.  She is just mind-blowing.  I enjoyed her a lot and now I want to watch her BBC series on Netflix.  Anyway, I liked this book a lot, though I probably preferred the plot of N or M a little more.  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 9

Tell Me, Pretty Maiden – The seventh book in the MM Series, Tell Me, Pretty Maiden was a lot of fun.  Molly gets her long-time beau, Daniel Sullivan, the wrongly-suspended police captain, to help her out when she gets swamped with cases and somehow they manage to sort them all out.  I really enjoyed this one.  Amazon / Goodreads  My rating: 9

I hope you enjoyed snooping through the books I've read recently.  I would recommend them all if you are a mystery-lover like me or just looking for something new to read.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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