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Every so often, I get seized with the desire to write.  Often it comes when I'm reading my daily assignment for history and an idea pops into my head.  This is gonna sound like another #homeschoolerconfession, but being one who loves writing, and stories, and all that stuff, I get like random popups in my brain when I read history.  This is going to sound weird, but story openers and sentences will just pop into my head.  Usually, I have heart palpitations and stop breathing for a few moments because I amaze myself, but I brush the promptings away and keep reading.  When I had one the other day, though, I decided to pull up a blank document and let it out.  It felt so good.  I drummed on for a few minutes, and then stopped when I started grasping for straws.  So whenever I'm inspired to follow instinct and put my ideas to paper, I'll share them here if they are worth anything.  I hope you enjoy this first installment.  Sorry for the lame title; I didn't really want to think about it.  (Do you ever type in a British accent?  'Cause that just happened)

They were at it again.  The piano thumped out the catchy tune of the wartime song in the background, but the girl slumped on the sofa, chin in hand, barely noticed.  The rollicking music swirled into the room, trying to get into her head and lift her spirits, but she refused to let it in.   The Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming.  She hated that verse.  Forcing herself from the nest in the faded tweed, she wandered toward the clamorous voices.  If she hid forever, there would be questions.  Painful questions better left unspoken. They hardly noticed when she walked in.  Crowded around the instrument, jostling back and forth with unconcealed pleasure, she could see that her intrusion would be unwelcome.  So she stayed in the doorway, leaning against the frame until the song finished with a roar of laughter and clapping.  She was the odd one out.

I may be inspired to continue this, or just leave it for your interpretation.  xo, Ella

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