Mini Book Review: Let's All Be Brave

Title: Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have

Author: Annie F. Downs

Publisher/Price: Zondervan / $10.11 here

Type: Nonfiction

Genre: Christian Inspiration

Number of pages: 208

My rating: 5 1/2 out of 5 stars (favorite!)

My thoughts: I read this book beginning to end on Labor Day, stretched out on the boat at the lake, laughing and crying my way through.  I walked into Barnes & Noble the last week of August looking for a particular book I had heard about and wanted to read and review it for the blog.  When I couldn't find it, Let's All Be Brave caught my eye.  Besides seeing lots of tweets on Twitter about it, I really wasn't interested.  I've never thought of myself as either brave or not – somewhere in the middle, I guess.  But I got it, partly because I just wanted to get something, and partly because I really needed something to review.  That was a God thing.  To get a rating of 10, a book has to change the way I think about things.  That's why Let's All Be Brave is a 10.  Annie Downs is incredibly real, incredibly funny, incredibly in-tune with God.  She says that bravery is doing the next thing God has for you, whether it scares you out of your wits or not.  That He has made us to be brave, to embrace His vision for our lives with trust and bravery.  Whether we fall or succeed, He is there; He wants us to take the leap of faith and follow His lead.  I'll never think the same way about things God asks me to do, never think the same way about my dreams.  This book will inspire you to be brave about your life, trust God even when what He wants seems crazy, and relentlessly follow the dreams He has given you.  This book touched me in a big way; whether you are lacking in God-given courage or think you're just fine, you need to read this book.  God is doing great, big things through Annie Downs – she is a testament to a brave heart in the hands of her Maker.  xo, Ella


Anonymous said...

Ella! This is one of my favorite books and I'm so glad you've read it and loved it, too! By the way, I am hooked. I love your blog. And your reviews! And you!

Ella said...

Aww, you are too sweet, Gaby! Thanks for the comment! :)

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