Mini Book Review: The Great Divorce

Title: The Great Divorce

Author: C.S. Lewis

Publisher/Price: HarperOne / $7.90 here

Type: Fiction

Genre: Religious Allegory

Number of pages: 160

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My thoughts: I really liked this book.  The Great Divorce was actually written after a dream Lewis had.  Basically, it's a book about heaven and hell (mostly heaven) in which those in heaven try to convince those in hell to accept God's invitation to come to heaven.  I don't think Lewis wrote this book with the intention that its readers would interpret it as the authority on how heaven works and how people get there – that's not the point.  The point of this book is to explain in depth many of the reasons people "miss" heaven, whether because they think they are good, etc.  The Great Divorce is for the deep thinker who doesn't mind reading things twice over to understand what the author means.  I loved it because it was incredibly thought-provoking.  When I finished it, I was blown away by how Lewis made me think about heaven in such different ways.  I would recommend it to any dedicated reader of C.S. Lewis or anyone interested in learning more about heaven.  Fantastic read!

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