This Girl Pins #2

Today's pins are fairly monochrome, except for the one of the Avengers.  Sorry, I just think Fridays call for some Avengers pictures. (listed clockwise)

1.)  This is such a good quote.  I'm trying to learn that hard and holy stuff is sometimes the small things.

2.) On Labor Day we went to the lake and I spent most of the day stretched out on the back of the boat reading Let's All Be Brave which I spoke about in Monday's post.  No spoilers, but I may have teared up a little.  Yes, it's that good.

3.) You had to know something Avenger's-related was gonna make it in here.  I love that picture on the bottom when they're eating schwarma.  This goes along with that one.

4.) Yes, those are the books you call your friends. (sorry, no link)

5.) I know I've said it lots of times, but that Hosea Bible study at is just really good.  This is a quote from day 5.

6.) I would love to read a book here.  That light is awesome.

7.) Always a sucker for pretty letters.  Especially when they're about Fridays.

Have a great weekend!  xo, Ella

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