Movie Review: The Avengers

Yes, this girl also watches movies.  And fangirls about them.  You've been warned.

I. loved. this. movie.  And yes, I know I'm late to the game.  My feelings about it were so strong that they surprised me.  Me, queen of period dramas like Downton Abbey, North & South, and devoted fan of the LOTR and Hobbit movies.  So when I finished this movie and was literally freaking out during the credits, I knew it was a good 'un.

First of all, there's something you need to know about me.  I will love any movie that has a plot in which the bad guys fight the good guys because the good guys are trying to do the right thing and the good guys win.  (still with me?)  I have also discovered that I will love any movie about heroes.  On my previous blog, I wrote about the LOTR movies and why I loved them so much.  That post pretty much sums up why I love movies, or stories, for that matter, where the difference between the good guys and bad guys is so stark (whoa).  As it turns out, though, I am also obsessed with movies about heroes fighting evil.

Second, I obviously need to address the superficial reasons I loved this movie.  The casting was perfect.  Robert Downey Jr. still gets on my nerves a little, but the way he basically saved the world at the end without a thought of his own safety was the highlight for me.  That, and every scene Steve Rogers was in.  Before the Avengers, I watched the first movies about Thor and Captain America, so I knew they would be great, but the Cap is definitely my favorite superhero in this movie (and ever).  Black Widow is a close second.  She is beyond cool.  I have to admit, my favorite part of the movie was when she took out Hawkeye like nobody's business.  Hey, she's the only girl in there – you've gotta let her strut her stuff.  Anyway, for me, the casting was pretty much unbeatable.  I'm looking at you, Chris Evans.

I guess I loved this movie so much because of the reasons in that post I linked to above.  Stories where the good conquers the bad seem like such testaments to the fact that every human being deep down inside still knows what is right and what is wrong.  Obviously, the distinction is becoming more and more blurred as gay marriage is now perfectly acceptable, and even applauded, but I believe all humans still know what is right and wrong.  For example, cowardice is looked down upon, murder is a crime, cheating is shameful, lying is wrong, etc.  Movies that highlight the struggle between good and evil only magnify this.  Humans are intrinsically evil, but because we were created by and in the likeness of a God who is intrinsically good, we have a spark of His hatred of evil within us.  Who doesn't want the good guys to win when they watch the Avengers?

Finally, I was so surprised – in a really good way – when I started watching the Marvel movies.  They all have such good morals and messages!  The Avengers are willing to put themselves on the line so others won't die.  Even Tony Stark was willing to sacrifice himself if the world could be saved.  One of the reasons Captain America is my favorite superhero is because he's such a good guy!  He has a sense of duty that inspires the others to do something.  Overall, I think the message of The Avengers is that those who are stronger than others have a duty to protect those who are weaker.  The famous line, "with great power comes great responsibility," rings true in all the Marvel movies.  And now I'd better stop, 'cause this is gonna start getting cheesy.

Just because they're awesome, here are a few more pictures.
Thanks for letting me fangirl!  The Winter Soldier's up next to review.  (Hint: LOVED IT) xo, Ella

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