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Hi!  Happy Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday!  Woot, woot!  Even though I'm not back in school until next week, I still really look forward to Saturdays.

On Fridays in this corner of the internet, I plan to do some fun posts.  Every other, I will do kind of a random post about all the things I've been loving that week.  The other Fridays, I will share things I've found on Pinterest that have to do with books or reading, quotes, geeky stuff about movies, etc.

This week I'm just gonna write about stuff I like.  I think these posts are fun to read since they're so random, and so I thought I'd start off with one.  Here goes...

– I stumbled across this great blog a couple weeks ago, and it is just about the best thing ever.  If you haven't read the book Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff, you need to get it from the library or order it from Amazon.  Now.  It's probably the funniest book I've ever read.  Anyway, Jon has a blog and it's like his book, only far more random and complete with really funny pictures.  His Twitter feed is also hilarious, if you're a Twitter person.  To start you off, here's a really funny article.

– If you watch movies, you will probably love this.  There's a channel on YouTube that makes Honest Trailers of popular/recent movies.  They are so awesome and so funny.  The trailers basically point out all the dumb stuff about the movie and basically make fun of it.  There are lots of spoilers, so be warned.  I'm obsessed with The Avengers at the moment, and that tailer is especially good.

– Funny stuff aside, I am always looking for good podcasts to listen to when I'm mowing the yard or cleaning, and I listened to a good one from The Gospel Coalition recently.  They were interviewing a guy who wrote a book called "Give War and Peace a Chance".  Now, most likely, you've heard of the book War and Peace before – it's by Leo Tolstoy – and it was probably the basis for a practical joke.  The book is huge – a whopping 1,500 pages – and unless you're a history buff or a total nerd about books, like me, you have no desire to read it.  The interview was really good, and I really want to read War and Peace now.  Not sure what my schedule will say about that.

– Another terrific podcast I've listened to recently is from Tim Keller.  He has a whole bunch of sermons in iTunes for free – I burned through them mowing last year – and they put out a new one about every two months or so.  The most recent one is about Adam and Eve and sin and it's really good.  It's titled "Promise of Hope" and you can find it here.  I have officially reached the status of Tim Keller fangirl when I start freaking out about a new sermon on the day I have to mow.  Sheesh.

– There's a new book I wanna get... surprise, surprise!  It's called Taking God at His Word by Kevin DeYoung.  I've read some good reviews of it, and it sounds like a really interesting book about the Bible.  Check it out on Amazon.

– Rend Collective released a new album this March and I just now bought it.  Let's just say I'm glad I did, because it's the best.  I would say it is probably my favorite one from them so far.  The music is awesome and the lyrics are really good, too.  It's been on repeat this week.  I might review it here when I get around to it.

– This article is so good, and it is such a good reminder to us girls to help the boys around us become the men God intended them to be.  Sometimes it is the hardest to encourage guys when they are your own brothers!

Alrighty, that's it for this week!  Click away!  I'm hoping to get a couple book reviews written up this weekend and maybe get them posted next week.  Thanks for reading!  xo, Ella

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